30 De Grade..

Hey!! It’s the 2nd week of April now.. OMG!! I’m getting more and more nervous now..

It’s now just revision for the next 2 months till 5th June.. Though I still have loads of time.. but you have no idea what I’m going through..


Part of it is because I am sick.. I have been sick for the past 2 weeks, but you know it comes and goes.. last week I was sneezing the whole time.. so for 3 days I ended up being like a flat singer.. not a rockstar.. aka sengau!! Now I am having sore throat and flu and of coz with  a bit of sneezing..

For those who knows me well, would obviously know that I super duper hate taking medicines, especially pills. I feel that the pills would not go down my throat.. and it is just stucked in between of going down or coming out..:'(

Back home in Malaysia, if I know that I am gonna be sick.. I would ask mummy to bring me to the clinic (before falling sick), meet the doctor, get the meds and wait for the next day to eat the meds. However, I would only eat it probably 2 times and that’s it.. into the cabinet it goes and never to be seen till the next time I feel sick again. (Unless it’s a really bad illness that won’t go away for a week or 2.)

Unfortunately here, I can’t simply go to the doctors. and because of that it makes me too lazy to even bother. But at least when I am home, my parents are there to make sure I take my meds.. unlike here..

FYI, I just had a pill of paracetamol because of the fever, it was T.O.R.T.U.R.E!!!  I could not swallow the small pill!!! The first time I tried to swallow it, it got stuck at my throat and gosh it tasted horrible!! sooo bitterrrrr!! After drinking more water the second time… it finally went down.. hrmmmm

HAHAHAAHAH…. this post is so weird, it is about me being sick, hating to eat medicines and having a hard time trying to swallow it.. Oh well, you can’t blame me for hating those pills… I bet you that there are other people out there with similar stories like me or probably worst.. Don’t worry peeps I understand how you feel… you are not alone.. 😛

By the way, I noticed that I have readers from all over the world and it is very interesting for.. I sometimes wondered whether or not you understand what I write, especially when I mixed English and Bahasa Malayu together. I know sometimes I write loads of crap.. it is basically about my life in here. Anyways, thank you all my readers..

That is all for now.. for those of you who are in England, remember to drink loads of water.. Due to the change of season and unpredictable change of weather, everyone is having the viral fever. And I know the sun is up.. but the wind is also quite strong so dress warm.. don’t try to be any of the sexy superheroes and end up being sick for the rest of spring..

There are HUNDREDS of LANGUAGES around the world, But a SMILE speaks them all!

Lots of Love



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